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What is A Fun Bunch?
We work hard all year, all our life to pay bills, provide for our Family, Charity, Church. We want the children to have a good education by sending them to good schools... To keep your car running properly, you put the best gas in it, tune it up, change the oil, etc...  when the car breaks down, whether you are broke or not, you find a way to have it repaired. Meanwhile, we forget about the most important person, "YOURSELF."
The same way you refill the car to keep it going, you deserve that vacation to keep working. Take that vacation that your friends have been inviting you to. Instead of saying "I cannot afford a vacation now," plan it, or, let us plan it for you; pay $25.00 by installment, (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).
That is what "A Fun Bunch" is all about. I created this group, to make people realize that Life is Short. Enjoy it with friends and family before it is too late. After a Cruise Vacation, you feel rejuvenated for 10 years.
We put together Group Cruises, Vacations, Trips to Foxwoods, Atlantic City, Boat rides etc...Since 2005 our group has been cruising together.  Please join our group in our next Cruise vacation, or, let us put together a cruise vacation for your group (social, religious, sports, philosophical, professional etc...) There is no fee to join our group. You may be cruising for FREE if you have your own group cruising with us.
To help everyone, we provide an easy payment plan as low as $25.00, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly whichever suits you best.    
When was the last time you took a Family Vacation? It's about time......
Let us plan your next vacation for you. You work hard, you deserve it......  

Vacation Packages, (Land or Sea), Cruise, Wedding, Family Reunion, Alumni reunion, Anniversary, Boat rides etc... Sports, Graduation, Communion, etc ... Why not celebrate that memorable occasion on a Cruise?

Free Cabins for groups of 8 cabins. 

Where in the world would you like to go next?

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